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First time watching my wife fuck another man   10/3/2018

The first time watching my wife fuck another man was interesting, exciting and I was nervous to say the least. She was 26, very beautiful and had a fantastic body. 5' 5", athletic/slim bo

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Always plant a secret within a secret.   9/20/2018

We had recently moved back from Az late in 07. We updated our Fuck Locally Social Sex finder profile to our new area. It had been a while and I wanted to have a younger guy. So, we searched the profiles once again. Aft

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The night I met my second wife   9/20/2018

It was a sad time for me. My first wife and her sister died in a horrible car accident two years earlier. I was getting my life back together and I was back on a bowling league with my old teammates

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What happens in Vegas.......Is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!   9/19/2018

Last year we planned and took our yearly trip to Las Vegas. We stayed at the Stratosphere this time. It was our 10th time in Vegas. We had talked before we left and decided that we would find a sin

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My first black guy, 10"long and I wasn't the same afterwards.   9/19/2018

We talked about bringing a black guy into our bed. I was very hesitant, mainly because I was still very tight at 30 years old and black guys usually were too big for my liking. We found him on Fuck Locally Social Sex finder

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He came without even touching me   9/19/2018

While in Arizona back in 2007, We were on Fuck Locally Social Sex finder and met a few people. One night I wanted someone "very young but legal". I mentioned it to my husband as we started searching the profiles.

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The first love of my life and soul mate.   9/19/2018

I was living at home with my mom and just graduated from high school. I just signed up to go into the Air Force (I grew up around an air base). I would be leaving in a couple months deferred. I h

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Our first time swapping with a couple   9/18/2018

As in my wifes story, we made plans to swap with some good friends of ours. She came to our house. Dressed in jeans and pull over blouse. She had nice, huge tits and a beautiful small ass. I c

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Our first time at couples swapping   9/18/2018

Our first time swapping was with some good friends of ours. We knew them awhile and we all got along really well together. We all flirted with each other and sometimes got a little more involved, bu

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My night with a beautiful younger girl   9/18/2018

Our plans were made. My wife and I talked and agreed to a night of passion......with other people and to be alone with them. My wife had already had her night of fun. we talked about it afterwards

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He gave me the most intense orgasm......while my husband was at work   9/18/2018

We were fairly new at swinging. We had met a few couples and we wanted more. We talked about it at length and we agreed. My husband and I both wanted to play with someone else, alone. We wanted to

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Losing my virginity   9/17/2018

I was 14 and she was 16. I was a young carefree boy who was always outside playing with my friends, riding bikes and trying to be a good kid. She was a very pretty blonde with the most incredible

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I gave my boss a raise.   9/17/2018

Back around 05, We were meeting people, both married and single from the site and having fun. Met some really great people and made friends with some of them too. Well, I was working for a retail

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