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I.....didn't know I do that :P A Sexual Frustration post.
Posted:Dec 4, 2018 10:09 pm
Last Updated:Dec 6, 2018 7:53 pm

Hey! Second post today! Imagine that having a relatively slow day today, but this is amidst a rough few weeks work wise. I've been traveling for work for more than a month now, only interspersed with a week at home before traveling again. So I think that must be contributing to the problems. Also, in the last few weeks, I've made a rather large mistake at work that kinda made me feel small; had someone else fuck up and push the blame on me; and had a few vendors/agencies pull out of projects at the very last minute, which kinda snowball the fuck ups, if you know what I mean. There are also a TON of "strong pull-out game" jokes in there so, yeah. aware of that

So the last week has been quite bad, work wise. It's been made worse by a silly argument that erupted into a huge fight with the husband over the weekend (screaming via , the works) We haven't spoken since. In the meantime, I've been in constant contact with a few people. Notable
Person 1) one of my Best Friend who lives in HK, going through her own divorce, so, plenty of ammo there for plenty of back and forth .
Person 2) the bf who I met in HK while I was there but didn't get up to anything cos I was severely ill. We're trying to meet up, and trying to get him to Bali when I eventually get back cos, from my last post, I also in severe of nude beach time and he is one who's company I could use
Person 3) one fwb who I met up in Singapore last month. We had a good time then and we've been communicating often since.

Ok. So. Most of it is me venting to person 1, and most of the vents in the last two days is how much I want (I believe I used the word "") to fuck persons 2 & 3. Like fuck hard.

I've also been very vivid in my descriptions to persons 2 & 3 (In our individual texts) about how hard I'd fuck them, and in return, how hard I want to be fucked my them. So a lot of our back and forth texting has been, invariably building up this energy inside me. It's a mix of anticipation, frustration, anger, and a LOT of horniness. Anyways. I digress. Back to person 1.

She brought something up that, oddly enough, no one has brought to my attention. It didn't even occur to me, but the more I think about it, the more truth there is in it. Which in itself, is really, really hitting me quite hard.

Anyways, she told me (very bluntly) that every time something big doesn't go my way, I find a partner, or partners, and fuck my frustrations out. I'd like to say fuck it away, but in truth, it doesn't go away. I just take it out with animalistic, sometimes rough, sex. And I scream too (she's been there a few times, as in we're in the same room, so she'd know ). I've always known somewhat of a screamer, but I've never attributed it to my frustrations. Fuck. This is giving me a bit of a complex

So much so, that I actually found myself pondering hitting the clubbing scene here. I know now why I was looking, but damn. Everything falling into place does kinda have a creepy feel to it. Ah well. Finding out something like this about yourself isn't always nice. But damn. It is what it is. still gonna be thinking about it, probably in to come. But... still making plans to get the bf down to Bali when I get back

I know its common to take out a lot of frustrations in the bedroom (or wherever you can), and I know I do it. But I never thought I'd be as transparent as this LOL. Ah well. This is it for midweek self discoveries!
Random update
Posted:Dec 4, 2018 6:20 pm
Last Updated:Dec 6, 2018 7:53 pm

Tis strange, this is - I was up late last night and I was cycling through the channels on tv in my hotel room and I stopped and actually watched a bit of kickboxing. And, actually appreciated it I join a class back in Bali once or twice a week, and I guess it rubbed off. Never thought I'd actually sit and watch something like that Anyway. Back to this.

I joined a yoga class in the hotel gym last evening. I saw the notice in the morning and made it a point to get back in time for it last evening. The class was ok. It wasn't too hard (I felt like I could have done more but the stretch was good) and there were only three of us in class. The thing was, I felt like my clothes were in the way I was in a pair of exercise shorts and a t-shirt and it felt movements were impeded somewhat. The husband says just used to the nude yoga classes I do back home, and I suspect he's right. Which is also strange cos, aside from really liking nude yoga, I've always thought it was just a way to get naked. I've always found excuses to do everything naked, and this was one. But after last evening, the lack of clothing actually helps. Huh...go figure.

Speaking of which, I miss the beach. Specifically, I really miss being nude on the beach, soaking in some sun, humid air, sea breeze and all that. I've been on the road for awhile now and it's been too long since that has happened. I was talking to a colleague yesterday during lunch and she was asking if liking the cool weather or if I miss the heat back home. It's a bit of both. I've always like Taipei and this trip kinda reminds me how much I like it. I also miss home. She said she's planning a holiday in Bali and I offered to bring her around, which I will. I'll just leave out the nudity bits cos I kinda like that on my own Or with some good company. Definitely not someone from work

As usual, there's something else that I wanted to rant on about but I kinda ran outta time. Gotta get back to work. I'll post again. IF I don't get distracted...
Open Relationships - What a other people! :P
Posted:Nov 24, 2018 1:37 am
Last Updated:Nov 29, 2018 12:26 am

Open relationships. How do you even begin to explain yourself and your choices to those friends of yours who ask? I've had my fair share of experiences trying to explain what it is and how it makes sense to us, not only me, not only him. Granted, not all my experiences trying to explain myself have been bad. I've had some good, understanding reactions. And I'm not even looking for understanding, just non-judgemental. Most of the time though, its tiring AF trying to explain myself. It's the same for the husband too. It's tiring. So most of the time, we just don't bother. The only problem with that is, if/when people find out, and we try to explain, it gets weird, sometimes.

Anyhoo. I usually keep it to myself, and for those who know, know. And those who don't, don't. I have a bf, and keep a close knit of friends who know, and an even smaller group that I actively play with. So I haven't had to have this conversation or anything of the like for awhile now. And lo-and-behold, I get it happening all in one week!

I've been in SG this past week and the husband came by so we could spend a bit of time together. As luck would also have it, I got sick the past two days and have been crashing through the weekend. But that's beside the point. Back to this. Last night, feeling a bit better, we went out for dinner. We bumped into one of our old friends, who used to work together with us. It was us, this friend of ours, and his wife. Like I said, we all used to work together but he was always more the husband's friend than he was mine. You know, one of those. Since we've known each other for a good few years now, we got quite comfortable with each other's company.

At one point, I came back to the table and the was greeted by a sudden, hushed silence. It was so obvious it got awkward. So, naturally, I called them out on it. (granted, I really wasn't feeling well so, social etiquette wasn't at it's best). The friend and his wife kept quiet about it, so I pressed the husband on it. He laughed and said it was nothing. Of course I pressed him a little more, cos it obviously wasn't nothing. . Turns out, the wife saw me while I was out with my fwb a few weeks back when I was here last. She told her husband, who then had texted my husband about it. I don't know how my husband responded to the texts, but apparently, they felt the need to bring it up again. Cos they thought I was cheating on him, and for reasons unknown to them, my husband knew and didn't want to do anything about it. You can see how it looks like. They felt like I was I was bullying him or something. (and for the record, they ARE nice people)

Didn't help when my initial reaction was to laugh. They started getting a little worked up, and the husband and I had to calm them down before we told them we were in an open marriage. I was trying very hard to not tell them how we started but I suppose, it couldn't be helped, so we had a long drawn out conversation on how we got into it and how it's like for us, the problems we've had, and how it works for us. I thought it was an honest and careful description that my husband and I gave, and it took a fairly long time too. So it was a bit of a kick in the face when all he (our friend) could say was, "So you let other people fuck your wife?!?" And he kept directing his question to my husband too. I'm like, "hello? I'm sitting right here". And no one "lets' other people fuck anyone. It's a conscious decision by both of us. (Hang on... I suppose that does mean we "let" it )

It got a bit awkward for only a little while after that, but as soon as they knew (and all credit to them, by the way) I wasn't cheating on the hubby, things got back to normal. But still, its THAT kind of reactions that make it really tiresome to explain ourselves. Which is. bitch, cos it's exactly those kind of situations that require us to explain ourselves..
Ex's, Nudity (of sorts), and big Ds. It's a weird combo
Posted:Nov 20, 2018 11:29 pm
Last Updated:Nov 26, 2018 9:25 pm

Ha! What a weird way to start the day!

I was on the train this morning headed into the office. I had an early Conference call so I've been up early, but only headed into the office past peak hour just so I wouldn't have to deal with the crowds. Anyhoo. So I was in the train, reading something and I look up and see an ex of mine from way ack in school (that's high school). I got a bit of a shock cos she looks exactly the same, except maybe she's twice the size she used to be, but her face was exactly the same. I went back to reading cos I really wasn't feeling sociable, but looked up a few seconds later and saw her smiling and waving at me.

I went over to say hello and we exchanged pleasantries, like normal, sociable adults do . It was a good 10-minute ride before I got off first, and we caught up as best we could. It was nice, and outwardly, wasn't awkward at all, cos the conversation felt smooth and friendly. But all the while listening to her, I couldn't help thinking to myself, I used to fuck this person! LOL. Shit. Is that normal behaviour? Like she's telling me how she's married, with 3 kids, and her oldest is 12 , and standing there listening, but at the back of my brain, memories of me sitting and grinding on her face just keeps flooding back. . It got to the point when I felt awkward from my own thoughts. Fuck. What the fuck's wrong with me

Then right before lunchtime, I get 7, 8 msgs on my phone from this friend of mine telling me where I can go to get squat proof leggings. Ok, hang on - a bit of back story. Not a long one so, bear with me.

Yesterday evening I accompanied her to the gym. We went to the gym she goes to and she signed me in as a guest considering not here long. We did one of those group classes, and I lifted some weights after that (only for about 10mins, I wasn't inspired). It was a 20-25min walk back to my hotel so I didn't bother changing and walked back. She offered t walk with me, which I thought was really nice of her. The entire way back, she kept telling me how see through my leggings were.

First thing I thought was, why would she only tell me after it was over? She kept telling me how some people in the gym were looking, especially when I was squatting. I thought, they were gonna look anyway. The ratio of guys to girls in the free weights area was 7:2 or something like that. I couldn't think of anything to say to her that wouldn't draw out the conversation a little more, so I just thanked her and left. Then after seeing her texts, I realised, I really don't care. LOL

Most, if not all of my workout bottoms, be it long leggings or shorts, are almost not squat proof. And I really don't care. Most of the time I just wanna work out. Hang on, I actually DO care.. I've got a thing against ugly panty lines, so to avoid that, I just don't wear any under. But yeah, other than that, I really can care less. I didn't want to get drawn out into explaining myself, so I just thanked her and said I'll check them out.

Uh..there was something else that was digging at me. I went for a massage when I was in Jakarta about two weeks back. It was the one in the hotel so I made my appointment, threw on a dress and went down. The girl at the front counter told me they didn't have any female therapists at the moment and asked if I'd be ok with a male one. I told her it was ok, so she led me into a room, told me to take off my dress and lay on the massage bed in my underwear. Before I could say anything, she shut the door and left. So there I was, thinking, I don't have any underwear on. So was I suppose to lie nude? Most of the massage places I've been to kind of operate the same way, so I stripped, hung my dress up and laid on the massage bed. The room was air conditioned so I took a towel and covered myself.

A knock on the door and a male voice asked if I was ready. I told him yes, and the door opened and he came in. I couldn't see him cos I was face down. He mumbled something in Indonesian (I can understand some of it, but I couldn't make out what he was asking), and he asked me again. I wasn't sure what he was saying, then he pulled the towel up for a peek and he shrieked (it was at this point I figured he was gay ) I looked up, and split second later, the counter lady was at the door. Apparently, he panicked cos I was nude and he didn't want to get in trouble, him being male and in an enclosed room with me. He kept saying in Indonesian, "why did she take everything off? Why did she take everything off?" LOL.

The counter lady started tell me, only the dress. Only remove the dress. I had to explain that THAT, was exactly what I did. I just didn't have any underwear on. . I told them too, that I was ok with it. I just wanted a massage. But apparently there are laws (not surprising) that didn't allow them to. So yeah, no massage that day. I thought that was a f funny one to include in this blog.

Okay. So now finally, onto what I was here to blog about
A short while ago I hooked up with a fwb. We got up to quite a bit of fun, but one thing kept getting to me - the way he was sucking on my nipples. Now, don't get me wrong, I like attention to my nipples (along with everywhere else), and most of what he was doing was ok. But the way he was sucking and nibbling on my nipples, especially when I was on top, riding him, was a little off putting. He was suckling at them, like...weird. LOL. What was he expecting? Milk? Fuck no. I had to stop him a few times.

Thank the heavens he actually made it up in some other areas (I literally told him, he should be thankful he had a big dick. Otherwise, he'd be too fucking weird to even bother getting together with! LO And the fun you can have with big dicks though . Now not saying I prefer big dicks, or that's a criteria (although I only agreed to date him cos I heard he had a rather larger than large dick ), but the fun. Suddenly spooning has a whole new sensation, or I can even spoon with me lying directly on top of him. I was suddenly trying all the porn star moves. LOL Like double-handed hand job, or almost deep throating AND jerking him off at the same time. But dick slaps though....not fun. Feels like getting hit in the head with a fucking baton! Hahahaa

But yeah, that was fun while it lasted. I think it was only fun cos we didn't spend too much time together. I could already feel his presence grating on me I bet it was the same for him too. No wonder we split when we did. Heh. In any case, I've got a trip to HK coming up and that's always nice. Gotta make time for the bf who wore there so, that should be a little more fun.

Oh damn. Sorry, wasn't expecting this to be such a long one but uh...well.
Thanks for reading!
Whole truth, and nothing but
Posted:Nov 19, 2018 5:31 am
Last Updated:Nov 22, 2018 3:14 pm

There were a good few things I've been making mental notes on for blogging this past week or so since my last post but, weirdly enough, it's all at the tip of my fingers trying to spew out all at once, and, I'm drawing a blank on what I wanna blog about. SSOOooo, I figured I'd start with the truth on a few things.

I was back in Bali for a few days last week before flying out again early this morning. Anyways. When I was back, I sucked the husband off everyday. And you know what? I've come to realise (well, its a re-realisation, kinda like a rediscovery) that I actually really like it. I like playing with dicks, well, his dick in this case. But in general too. I've had the privilege to have played with a few in the last months so, that should be enough to make an accurate assessment.

Speaking of which, the last time I was in Sg, I managed to finally meet up an old fwb. We tried hooking up a few months before but I ended up sick and it didn't pan out. This time though, we made it happen . He DID take good care of me the last time when I was really sick, so this time round I figured I'd make it up to him. We met up on a weeknight and I had texted him the location of my hotel, hotel room, and specifically told him to only come by after 11pm (I didn't want any of my other colleagues to catch him coming and going from my room). He's also seeing someone, so I made it clear if he didn't want to meet up, I was fine with it. But if he did, I didn't want to be caught in any of his bullshit.

SO he came by close to midnight, I was half in bed by then so I answered the door nude. I was expecting us to skip the pleasantries and jump right in but we ended up taking for a bit in bed before we fucked each other silly I think the talking actually got me in the mood. I felt asleep after and woke up at 4am to him standing over me and stroking his dick on my face, and rubbing his hands over my clit. I got a shock at first, but found a fair bit of joy playing with his rather big balls. That got him excited enough and he was about to go down on me when I pushed him over and mounted him. That was a quickie, if there ver was one. Wham-bam-thank-you-maam. I came, then felt him blow his load, then I told him he needed to leave. We didn't say a word to each other other than me telling him he had to leave, and him agreeing. He left, I got ready for work, and we send a few texts over the next day or two. In all honesty, it reminded me of the saying, it's not the size of the tool, but how you use it that matters. Cos this fwb of mine, he's a big guy. Nigerian/English, about 110kg, in shape, big dick. But I had to take the lead most of the time to get the most pleasure outta him . The truth here - I only dated him before cos I heard he had a big dick. LOL Hey, don't y'all judge now

Anyhoo. The weekend came and it was my last night before I had to fly off. I met him and a few of our mutual friends at a bar for a few drinks. It was one of those mixed groups but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't expecting something, cos my fwb andI had a threesome with one of the other guys that was present. So a few drinks in and it was leading the way I thought it would lead. And we spent the good part of the evening trying to ditch everyone else (cos you know, it's all supposed to be a secret). In the end when I made an excuse that I had to go back and pack, my fwb said it's ok, another couple that was present was gonna send us back. I didn't know what that meant, but fuck it. I said lets go.

So 5 of us jumped into a car, the couple in front, with the male half driving, his girlfriend or wife, I didn't get the details, beside him in the passenger seat, and me and the two boys squeezing in the back seat. Didn't take long before the fwb started leaning in to kiss my neck, then run his hands up my dress. I turned in to kiss him, when I felt another pair of hands pulling the strap of my dress down and playing with my breast. I was about to stop them when I looked up and saw the couple in front looking back and smiling, and her hand was massaging her partners crotch. So I thought, ok, this is happening. I turned towards the fwb and leaned away from him, into the friend. This gave the fwb space to really start fingering me. The top of my dress was already pulled downed I put one hand over other guy's neck and he was nibbling on my nipple. This went on til we got back to the hotel. I think I may even have wet the seat.

We got back to my room and I actually dragged both guys into the shower with me. We were all from work so, I was a bit anal on this, and made everyone wash down LOL. We carried it onto the bed where the other couple was beside us. There was no physical interaction with them, they were just contented to watch and be watched, which was fine by me. At one point, I was actually riding them both, but they kinda carried me and put me on each other's dicks. LOL. As far as threesome go, it's not the best one, but it was still fun. Other guy wanted me to put my thumb into his ass when he was about to cum, but I was didn't. I wasn't feeling like it and uh...wasn't prepared for what would have came out so.... . He got a bit upset from that. LOL. So yeah, THAT was kind of the highpoint in the last few months. I knocked out on my flight and actually was core for 2 days after

Oh! Last truth - I was on my way up in the lift earlier and I was alone when I got on. I kinda farted in the lift LOL. Come ON! Everyone does that The thing was, when I got off, there was a family getting on to go back down. I hustled my ass outta there fast.
Gym fails, I suppose is most appropriate name for this...
Posted:Nov 10, 2018 12:38 am
Last Updated:Nov 19, 2018 3:05 am

Hola! Blogging on the road again. I'm in Jakarta for work, and's a Saturday afternoon and I'm holed up in my hotel room trying to prep for a big-ass meeting next week. times, I tell ya

I'm not even sure where to start cos heck of a LOT has happened in the last few weeks. Months...? I was out earlier today and Bon Jovi was playing from a speaker somewhere. I don't know where from, nor does it matter. The thing I wanna gripe at is, why the hell does Bon Jovi songs stick in my head? Soppy love ballads? I dunno. But that mofo is playing in my head all day. I'll see if I can make a run out later and hopefully, get some other tune in instead

Let's start with workout mishaps. That always goes down well.

Anyhow. I was in Singapore about two weeks ago, mostly for work. I had already made plans (most of which included catching up, finally, with a certain Nigerian/English BBC and a few other friends, but I'll add that another time) and it didn't include any workout whatsoever. As plans go, original plans went awry (some of it) and I ended up with a bit of free time. So I decided I'd join a few old friends of mine for a workout. I didn't pack anything with me so I, rather frivolously, went and bought a few pairs or workout gear. Genius that is me didn't bother trying them on properly and paid for them straight.

After work one evening I joined two of my friends and went for a HIIT class in a studio that they were members of. There was another couple in class, so that was 5 of us in a class, and the ratio was 4 ladies and 2 guys, with the instructor being he other male there. Anyhow. I wore a white workout tank top that was sheer at the back and was padded in front. During the warm up, I realised that the straps were a little loose and kept sliding off my shoulders. The torso area was pretty fitting so I kinda ignored it, thinking I'd tighten it during the break. Of course, there was no breaks .

It was one workout, then a little explanation, then more workout. There was a fair bit of jumping around and midway through, I think it was a burpee...? Maybe? Anyway. I was on the ground, and I came up and was jumping and my tits fell out of my top. I didn't notice it at first, but I DID notice the instructor go "umm...." and just stood there. Of course, being such good friends, one of my friend started laughing and pointing. I still didn't realise but had stopped jumping, but was just standing there panting like crazy. It was a full 10-15 seconds before my other friend came round and tried to cover my up. I turned around and tucked myself back in and just laughed. I wasn't too embarrassed, I happens. I gotta admit, it was my own fault. It was a weird exercise top. It's one of those that look really nice but kinda have very low functionality.

What got to me was, the female half of the couple who were also there started getting really angry with me. It's not like it was deliberate, or ...actually, I really didn't give a fuck. LOL. Her behaviour was just weird. I didn't end up paying for the class, cos I was there on a free trial, but I think tits out kinda helped. LOL

Second one, not so pleasant. I was back in the gym early this week. It was the day before I flew out here, but thats beside the point. I was swinging a kettlebell, minding my own business in a corner. I had chalked up my hands cos they were hurting from the friction, and midway through my 2nd set, the kettlebell (a 12kg one) kinda slipped out of my hand and flew across the room into the corner where one of the other guys were seated. It couldn't have been any more accurate, cos it literally smashed him in the nuts. Or I think it did. It hit him in the groin. He curled over and was groaning/whelping, I think... LOL. It was. HUGE commotion and the entire gym stopped and people were rushing over. It was shock and concern in the first.... 3 minutes, then it was laughter and concern the rest of the 10mins he was down.

They got human ice pack, although I wasn't sure if it actually helped. But gawd damn he was pissed at me after he recovered. We've seen each other in the gym but never really spoken, but damn he was pissed. Heheh...I'd be lying if I said I couldn't help laughing, but I was also really concerned and guilty. I apologised profusely, finished my workout and left. Ive been traveling since, and will probably be the end of the year before actually be back there so.....I'll go check up on him then

Oh! While we're at it, what is it about really tiny tights on guys these days? Is the skinny jeans not enough? I mean, I see guys in shorts, or tights, so fucking tiny, I think even I may not fit in them. I'm all for equality, and in all honesty, more power to you if you like it and wear it. But damn...when did that become the next "thing" in gym wear? Some, admittedly, look quite yummy in them. Most, unfortunately, do not. Yes yes....I know....I'm being all Judge-y.


Another thing I can't get behind is guys in singlet and running shorts. I've lived in Singapore for an extended period of time and in that culture, I blame the army for it. Cos I see a LOT of them wearing those that have army insignia on them. They need to know, unfortunately, as these things are, if they haven't worked out in a long time, digging out their old army running attire, isn't really too flattering
Even those who are in shape. I dunno. Something about that attire just isn't flattering. I think its cos it almost always doesn't fit properly.

Ah well. Thats my gripe about that. Will blog again. Gotta get back to work.
Thanks for reading!
Of kinks and freebies. It's been an odd, good one.
Posted:Oct 3, 2018 2:27 am
Last Updated:Oct 30, 2018 9:55 pm

This has been a bizarre week. Not all bad, but...I really can't think of another word that's more appropriate.
Interesting? Perhaps?

Anyways. The husband came back last Friday. I had taken the afternoon off and went to play a game of indoor hockey with some friends. It was a lot more vigorous than I had expected, and by the evening's end, I was literally soaked through. I sat and chatted with some friends for another hour before heading home.
I texted the husband that I was headed back, and I'll see him back home cos he was already on his way back. It was hot, and humid, and I had perspired, soaked through my attire, hung out, dried off a little, and was, at that point, perspiring again. I told him I'd head back first and hit the shower.

He then surprised me by asking me not to. Shower, that is. I had completely forgot he was so into...this, not showering/scent thing. When I got home, I actually tried holding out til he got back, but I literally stank. Well, I think I did, is I showered and he got a little disappointed. That didn't stop us from fucking each other's brains out over the weekend. Which, needless to say, was fucking awesome (or is that awesome fucking? ) cos this really was the first time we really let loose in about 4-6 months of persistent arguing.

Sex was sweet at times, angry (ain't that one of the best though, angry sex? ), gentle, rough. Think most of all, it was passionate. At least we still have that fire. . I guess hindsight IS really 20/20. I thought going on a break would be the beginning of the end. But once again, it helped. Whew.

I felt kinda bad depriving him of his little kink so over the weekend I indulged him in another. As far back as I can remember, he's always been an upskirt/public flashing fan. I remember finding it on his old laptop all those years ago. LOL. So Sunday morning we got up really really early and rode out to the beach. I brought him out to a nice quiet spot at the bottom of a cliff. We actually rode close to two friggin hours to get there. I also let him pick out my attire for the day.

We spent the entire morning sunbathing nude. Even pushed the law a little by fucking at the beach but I think it was just waaaaaay too hot. Both of us got plenty aroused, but we just couldn't cum. LOL. We rode back down to Seminyak area where we went "shopping", which was basically me picking clothes and flashing him in public. We got caught and was asked to leave one establishment Fuck'em. I never liked their style anyways. LOL. So yeah, that was my weekend. By the time we got back we were both so dehydrated we knocked out Fuck, we're getting old. Ah well.

Monday, I got a call from a friend asking if I'd help him out. They were shooting a promo video for their hotel and they were a few ladies short. They basically needed extras to be seen working out in the hotel gym. I wasn't even gonna consider it BUT!! It was sponsored. We didn't get paid, but we could keep the clothes they were providing. Heh...what can I say, I guess I'm a cheap date

I sorted my work out and got there in the mid afternoon. This was super weird. They got me to wear a pair of red booty shorts and a light blue and yellow sports bra for the shoot. My first reaction was, nobody would work out in these...then I thought, actually, I would. lol. Just not with this combo. But anyhow, they got everyone wearing bootyshorts, guys included, which, aside from being really odd, it was fucking hilarious. LOL.

They got me and another girl doing something odd holding two dumbbells and squatting at the same time. And the camera was, frankly, trying too hard. Going low, going high. One of the other girls was protesting at how much they were shooting our asses, one of the guys couldn't stop laughing, and all through this, I kept wanting to scream at them, cos this really isn't how the exercise is done! LOL

The husband accompanied me to this and he seemed like he had a good time. They gave me a few more items to bring back. Apparently they're a new exercise brand and all the items were "the latest in fashion and design, for your every workout needs". Which was bullshit. BeCAUSE!!

I wore one of their bra tops to the gym this morning. One thing I can say about their apparel is that they're comfortable. But anyhow, I wore a white bra top I took from them to the gym this morning. I did a half hour on the bike and went to do some weights. I noticed slightly more stares than usual, and, admittedly, I don't have the biggest tits, especially by today's standards. But my tits were getting a lot more attention than I was used to. I then realised, on m way out that my nipples were showing through the top. It's usually not that big a deal if it was just pokies. But the sweat had made it almost see through and it was two dark spots on an otherwise white tip :S

I was a little too tired to give a fuck, plus I was already on my way out so I just left and rode home. But yeah, so much for freebies

It's midweek! The weekend's here!

Well, almost

Thanks for reading!
Reminiscing - Such Joys and Embarrassment at the same time
Posted:Sep 25, 2018 11:36 pm
Last Updated:Sep 28, 2018 10:15 pm

First up, thanks for all the comments in my last blog(s). Sorry I didn't reply, I still have a bone or two to pick with the bikini contest website though. I mean, banning people from posting/joining cos their photos are too raunchy? Like seriously? Fucking don't make sense!

Anyhow. I've been out and about a lot in the past week. Like a lot more than what I'd normally get up to. Case in point, I had video conference call this morning and my colleague in the US mentioned how I've somehow got a lot more tanned since our last call on Monday. The reason I've been out like, all the time is cos I've got a good friend visiting. We used to house together waaaaaaay back when. She's here with 2 other friends on a girls trip out and I've been spending a LOT of time with them.

I brought her (just her, her two other friends didn't want to join) to my nude yoga class last weekend. We used to live together so we've been around each other nude before. But it's so strange how she found the class middle erotic. Ok, It's not so strange.....admittedly I felt like that too, before. Maybe now I'm just desensitised. Or rather, I think I've started taking the classes more seriously. Like I really like how I feel after. And I also appreciate how much clearer we can see imbalances without clothes on. But anyway. I brought her along and she found the class erotic. Like what's so erotic about seeing tits and dicks flopping to one side, and ball sacks squished in poses? LOL

We've also been spending a lotta time on the beaches. We were out at a beach club yesterday and it was pretty busy. I didn't spot it, but my friend did, and pointed out another girl in the exact same bikini I was in. It's a WW, which is a fairly common enough brand, I see them around every now and then, but the one I was wearing wasn't. I thought it'd be uncommon enough, but apparently not (I was in a one of the mega mesh series) . And I don't know what it is about WW that prompts wearers to...... reach out and talk to each other. lol

Cos the moment we saw each other, she came round and spoke to me. . It was a simple casual conversation, and we chatted for a bit, then our friends started chatting to each other. It was a nice, friendly thing. I still don't know why that happens though. I'm not complaining The world could use more "nice". So yeah, bikini buddies IS a thing.

Which brings me back to what I had wanted to post about to begin with. We spoke of many things thus far, but one of the things that stuck out was once, when we were still living together, I was dating this American lady at the time. I guess this story stuck out cos it brought back so much memories and emotions that are attached to these memories. This was one of the most serious relationships from my past. Anyhow.

This friend of mine was dating this guy at the time, and she convinced me to let him walk in on us making out just to get him riled up. LOL. I can't believe we did that. But the whole idea was to get a big reaction out of him, and uh....we succeeded. I still remember, we had all just come home from work and we didn't plan out the specifics, but she went into the bathroom and got him to wait outside. My ex and I were in the kitchen and we weren't sure exactly how we'd do it, but we went for it. We started out innocently enough, but I guess the idea of putting on a show got to us (at least it got to me ) and one thing led to another and I found myself on a chair and the ex was kneeled between my legs and fingering me. I could see my friend's ex watching from the corner of my eye even as I was kissing my ex and I had my ex's blouse open and was squeezing her breasts. And she had really big tits.

We didn't stay around to find out how it went down with them cos I remember moving into my own room after that . Fuck, that was such a long time ago. I guess I AM getting old, finding such joys reminiscing

We're heading out tonight again too. Fuck. I had forgotten how much fun this can be. But at the same time, I also remember why I don't do this anymore. It's expensive, and gawd frigging tiring. LOL

Anyhow. I gotta run. Thanks for reading
Why do I keep doing this to myself? :/
Posted:Sep 18, 2018 11:29 pm
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2018 9:04 pm

Heck, I wasn't sure I wanted to post this. Especially following up my earlier post. Cos two posts in a day?! That's an absurd, too much time spent in here!

Uh....oh! Right. I was saying. Some fantasies should remain as such, fantasies. There has been Soo many examples of trying to fulfil them, only to have them be ruined to the point where it's not even fun to have them in your head anymore

There's a Caribbean-themed restaurant/bar that I've frequented a few times in the last week or so. I had friend in town and she liked the food so we've been there three times in the last week. There's a young black guy working behind the counter that's quite cute. We chatted for a bit on my second visit and I find out he's actually from Trinidad and Tobago. That has nothing to do with anything, except that I found that to be interesting. What a long way have travelled, but I guess work beckons. So anyhow, my last trip, he gave me his number but I never called, or texted.

I have toyed with the idea though, but mostly, cos I didn't get to hook up properly with my fwb (who's also a young, black guy) when I was last back in Singapore. So I figured, this must be me just looking for a substitute. I gave it a pass. Yesterday, late afternoon I was in the supermarket and I noticed this tall, athletic looking guy from the corner of my eye. I didn't look properly cos I didn't want to be too obvious. This guy then walked over and tapped me on the shoulder. Turns out, it was my T&T (that's Trinidad and Tobago) from the Caribbean Club.

He asked if I would join him for a drink at a nearby bar for a quick drink before he had to run home to get ready for his shift at night. I honestly didn't think it would take long, so I agreed. We sat on one of the tables outside and we had a cocktail (I have no idea what it's called, but it was pretty good. And it packed a punch ) and basically watched people go by as we talked. There were a few people that walked past from the beach and he motioned towards a few ladies that past, and mentioned to me how he really liked the side bob. Like he preferred that over the conventional cleavage. I chipped in as well, and of course the subject matter got more sexual as it progressed.

This went on for a while more before he mentioned that he actually lived close by (it wasn't that close). He asked if I should like to keep the conversation going while we went back to his place so he could change and get ready for work. I thought, fuck it. Let's do this. So off we went. We got back to his place and on the way up the stairs, he was tugging at my shorts. He tugged them low enough it came down halfway, and he saw that I wasn't wearing underwear. He rushed me through the front door, bent me over a table, pulled my shorts all the way down and started eating me out. I felt a bit self conscious cos, well, you know. I would have liked time to prep

But I got distracted by how....haphazard he was down there. He was licking me one second, then tongue fucking me, then licking my ass. All in the space of a few seconds. He got up, pulled my top off and directed me down to his dick. I was already kind put off, but I thought, okay...lets just go with it for now. I pulled his pants down and his dick sprang up, literally, like a spring. Before I even went close, I could smell him. I can't believe I actually thought about it But I finally told him no, lets go shower together. This whole sweat and pee stench, not doing it for me.

We jumped in the shower, and it was tiny, so we kinda took turns. I just made sure his dick was scrubbed clean and led him back to into the living room. We passed his kitchen when he grabbed me by my waist and lifted me up onto his dining table. He came in closer and I told him to go grab the rubber. He was all, "oh, I don't have any." So I told him, look, I don't know you. Well, barely know you. You're cute and all, but no rubber, Nooooooo waaaay. He started whining about how he didn't have time to run down to get. I'm like, that (pointing to his dick) ain't going nowhere near this (pointing to mu own crotch) without protection.

He looked like he was about to either cry, or explode in fury, which was actually, quite scary. He just whined a little more and we ended up laughing. He then offered to finger me off while I jerked him off, but he was waaaaaay too.....rough and clumsy (the stick two fingers and jam and yank as hard and fast as you can technique. Seriously. Where do they get this? Where does it say that do THAT immediately and it will feel good -_- ) It was horrible. I told him to stop, and I played with his dick a little bit but he too couldn't cum. I got dressed and left. I didn't even bother waiting for him to leave together.

So yeah, THAT didn't go well. At ALL.
There's no sense left in sense
Posted:Sep 18, 2018 10:27 pm
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2018 9:03 pm

Sigh. Okay, here we go. A good friend of mine came over for a visit a few days ago. Normally I'd be more than happy to have her around, but the circumstances that preluded her trip out wasn't....good, to say the least. She's getting a divorce, after more than 20 years of marriage.

Now I suppose divorces are common enough these days, but this one hit me kinda hard, firstly cos she's a very close friend of mine, and mainly, cos I didn't see this one coming. I had last met them in the tail end of last year and I knew they have had problems, but they seemed like they would work around or past it. I really wasn't expecting them to split. Also, rather selfishly, I kinda felt sucker-punched by her situation cos it reminded me of my own. The husband and I are still on a break from each other and it has been more than a month.

We see each other, but very sparingly, with his constant travels on top of my own. But we FaceTime and text each other a few times a day, and that seems to be working out. We are still working through a few things, but. guess the good news is, we are working on them. But anyhow, back to my friend's visit.

By the time she made it out here they had already filed and her now soon-to-be ex husband was packing all his things to move out. To facilitate that she flew out here for a few days. She called me a few days prior to arriving, told me her story, and of course, I promptly went out to meet her. She had booked a villa in Seminyak area, which is relatively far off from where I am, so I stayed with her for a few days. She told me what happened, there was no exchange of ideas, no cry on the shoulder, none of that. I was there just for support. We went out shopping, went to several beaches, and even hit some clubs. There was no booty calls, although, to be honest, I was half expecting it

But anyhow, that's my earthquake on top of the earthquakes I've had to experience lately

On a side note, we were lazing on one of the beaches one morning and she had got her phone out to take a picture of something. It reminded me of how many pictures she used to take, and so I asked if she was still sending pictures in for bikini contests. She used to be a regular contributor to a few online bikini contests, and even received quite a few free swimsuits as a result.

What she told me next was a bit of a shocker. She told me the swimwear companies that ran these on-going contests, had banned her. For showing too much skin. -_- I mean, Really?! Its a barking bikini contest!! And they sell a range of micro bikinis! TO say I don't get this is really an understatement. But yeah, makes no sense.

Ah well, more madness to fill this world. I mean, why not? -_-
Bang-cock! Alas, it wasn't meant to be -_-
Posted:Sep 11, 2018 10:19 pm
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2018 9:03 pm

Hola! Am awaiting for my flight back home so, nothing else to do but blog!

I flew into Bangkok on Monday and am here for work. Hang on....I feel the need to backtrack a little.

I was in Singapore two weeks ago and I bumped into a fwb of mine.. Well, we're more like each other's booty-calls. But the last we hooked up was a long time back. This was before I moved away. So I bumped into him while I was there and we kinda picked up where we left off. There was a lot of flirting and sexting each other but we never found time to meet. When I left for home, the texting continued. When I found out. I had to fly to BKK for work, I toyed with the idea of us meeting there. I was actually really really surprised when he agreed.

So I got in on Monday, went through a day of work but ended the day with my tummy feeling a bit off. I brushed it off as me not being used to the local cuisine. Takes about a day or so to get used to it, right? So he got in on Tuesday morning, and by the time we met, it was mid afternoon and what started out as a tummy ache was now a full blown food poisoning Don't know about you, but food poisoning, really kills the sexy

I was so sick I had to cancel my evening appointments and ran back to my hotel to rest. He came by and, we actually tried to get it on, but uh...having to run to the toilet every half hour does kill any mood one has. We were both kicking and cursing our luck, but he was nice enough to stay with me and brought me water and even ran out to get me some diarrhoea meds. He left earlier this morning, and as luck would have it, by the time it came for me to leave for the airport, I felt a ton better -_-

We've made plans to meet in Bali but that will have to be later in the year. Ah well...wasn't meant to be.

In the midst of lying in bed and feeling like my stomach was falling out, I was watching him going about doing his thing. At one point, he was in the toilet peeing before taking his shower. I saw him just hold his dick in his hand and pointing it like a hose, and thought, aside from sex, a big dick is really.....cumbersome. No? LOL

He's a big guy, so I suppose it's proportionate...but we're talking about an easy 11 inches of manhood schlong here. And it was just hanging there, in the shower. Maybe it's the meds, but I can't help thinking it must get in the way of a lotta things. Pretty much how big tits work with women. Right? I mean, it's really fun to play with and all, but not when I'm sick Anyways. Gotta catch my flight back.

Catch ya guys again.
And thanks for reading!
The smooth and silky?
Posted:Aug 29, 2018 9:12 am
Last Updated:Sep 7, 2018 12:07 am

I had the afternoon off...hang on, that's not right. I THOUGHT I had the afternoon off earlier today so I made an appointment at the hair saloon to get my hair cut. I went for lunch and was about to head down to the saloon when I get a call asking if I was sitting in on a meeting that I had suggested we have, but didn't include it into my calendar. So I then had to run back to the office, cancel my appointment and apologise to the hairdresser (who is an old friend of mine), sit in on a meeting that I initiated but am now not fully prepared, and perspiring like crazy. And the worst thing was, I had this line from the movie Don't Mess With The Zohan in my head, "you want the smooth and silky?"

I have no idea why, I didn't even watch the movie in its entirety, just caught snippets of it here and there. But that was popping in my head the whole afternoon. "You want the smooth and silky?" Fuck.

I'm thinking its the lack of sleep. I'm barely hitting 5 hours every night. I'm not sure if I should be complaining, so officially, this is NOT a complain. Its mostly self-inflicted. This week has been long, work wise. Early starts and late endings and all that. But when I get back to my room, what I should be doing is sleep, but since I like mixing pleasure with work so much, having the boyfriend around, we don't do a lot of sleep either

Again, don't get me wrong, as tiring as it is, getting back tired, getting jumped in the shower, being woken up countless times in the middle of the night for a romp or two (or five or six), it feels fucking great! hahahaa
I suppose great fucking IS fucking great. Feels like I'm 22 again. LOL. although I am pretty sure I need a holiday to recover from this

Speaking of youth, here's another 3-degree separation incident. I was in the train one morning (and FYI, rush hour is a BITCH!!! I literally had forgotten about it after moving away, but fuck me! Rush hour is madness!!) I saw another ex of mine. No, not the same one from the previous blog. This one was from waaaaaay back, when I was in school. First year in Uni. We went back to campus during one of the holidays, snuck into a lecture theatre and fucked. It was a thing for us at the time cos we did it a few times. It was then that ai realise, that you really can see everyone from the front

Which brings me back to the boyfriend. I kinda feel sorry for him, on some level, cos the only sex we have is usually rough. We didn't start off having rough sex, but somehow, every time we meet, I either want him to fuck me raw, pull my hair, slap, and all that, or I want to pull his hair, tie him down, grind his face, amongst other things. I don't know if we're rushing through this phase and end up getting bored with each other, or...I dunno. He's not saying anything otherwise so....then again, he's not one to say something until it gets too much. Ah well...we'll see. I'd like to explore this chain of thoughts bit further but he's back and uh...we gotta shower

It's midweek!! I got a day and a half before I fly back to Bali so, lemme enjoy this first, eh? There will be time to ponder later

Have a good rest of the week!
More 3-degree stuff. Really. What are the odds
Posted:Aug 27, 2018 10:57 am
Last Updated:Aug 29, 2018 7:01 am

I bump into enough Singaporeans in Bali. Even if I don't bum into them, I see enough of them. We're not that far away from each other. Perfectly understandable. BUT! I've never bumped into or met anyone from Bali in Singapore. Be it local Balinese or foreigners who liven Bali. It's just not that common.

Was out at dinner with a few friends, or what I thought was a few friends, on Sunday night. There were a lot more people there than I thought. Anyways. One of my friend introduced me to this guy and we got to talking. He said he found me familiar, and after awhile, he found out that I live in Bali. He was living there for 7 years, but left about 5 years ago. A little further into the conversation and. found out that he actually was the first person to have taught me surfing! That must have been about 10 years ago! Haha!! What are the odds?!?

I can only vaguely remember him but apparently he remembers both my friend and I Apparently my friend, at the time, was one of the few people who tried surfing in a thong bottom, and he even recalled my bikini bottom falling off a few times!! LOL Good gawd that brought back memories!

OKok, I wanted to post about a few other things but it's way past 2am here and I gotta be up in less than 5 hours Fuck these work trip are the worst. Why did I agree to this again...?

Y'all have a good week now!

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