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Of underwear, old school Volleyball shorts and face fucking
Posted:Jun 13, 2018 5:09 am
Last Updated:Jun 16, 2018 7:06 pm

Ah...good to be back! Good’ol Balinese island paradise weather of......rain 😑 Had to fly down to Vietnam early Tuesday and I just got back. It’s odd cos it’s a very short trip but feels like such a relief to be back. Probably cos I still have to pack!!!

I’m still moving. We’re still being evicted. But the more positive news is, the Husband is back in the fold. He got back late Monday night and made peace with full body massages in evening 😝. Yes yes....I know I know. I gave in too easy. But what can I say....I’m a sucker for good massages. 🤷🏻‍♀️. Plus, make up sex. I mean, all that pent up emotions make for pretty good fucking. 😉. Also, I realised....actually, no. I didn’t just realise. I realised long ago but...I Guess I re-realised.....i doubt that’s a proper word. Anyhow, I like face fucking 😝

For some reason, I find it embarrassing to admit. Was talking to the Husband about it too. Like both, receiving and giving. There’s something about having his dick, or a dick that I like, the tip hitting the back of my throat, and his belly pressing against my face, that’s quite a turn on😝. The other way round too, like in 6 when his balls are pressed into my nose. Although I’m not crazy about all the drooling🤪. Giving is fun too, handful of hair, or I actually like grabbing the ears 😋. But it’s selective, cos of the person isn’t clued in, hitting teeth is. A. Bitch. I suppose that’s the same for guys too..?

Anyhow. I’m getting sidetracked. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, packing. It’s amazing what you’d find. It’s even more amazing considering I did this exact thing only about ago when we moved here. Figured I’d have diovered all that could be rediovered from your wardrobe. But! I found my old Volleyball shorts 🤪. Like old. Of course I had to try them on. And it gave me a rash cos it’s a lil dusty. And the elasticity is g. But it kinda fit. I was a lil bigger back then.

And I can’t fucking believe I, or we, as in the entire team, used to prance around in what looks like men’s Swimming trunks🤣. These days both Volleyball shorts AND men’s swim trunks are basically boy shorts. Tights. Like exercise shorts/tights. Gawd damn it brought back memories. Lol

So that brings me to something else I thought I had to write about. Underwear. The whole Volleyball shorts thing had me messaging an old friend of mine. We were both in the volleyball team and we haven’t contacted each other in a long time. Naturally, we started updating each other and it got round to my situation and packing. It then moved to the topic of underwear and, get this, she has over 60 pairs. Not even general term, not bras. Just panties. 60! Why would any need 60 pairs?!? I used to have a fair bit, then I threw them out (like there’s really no point keeping old s 🤪). And granted, I don’t wear a lot here. But damn..60 pairs!

So yeah, that was my week thus far. Back to more packing, but at this point, it’s throwing everything into boxes and sorting them out later cos I might have to travel again next week. So yeah, we’ll see. I’ll post something a lil more interesting next . Or I’ll try. I’ve still got my last trip with the bf I haven’t posted about😣

Thanks for readin 😊
I think this might be called entrapment.
Posted:Jun 9, 2018 4:34 am
Last Updated:Jun 9, 2018 5:19 pm

Ho boy. Ok. This one’s rough. So....carrying on from yesterday’s post, the Husband called last evening. This is after two plus days of complete silence. Our last conversation ended in me screaming at him and hanging up. So no contact whatsoever til last evening.

He called while I was trying to pack AND was searching for a place, and trying to arrange for a viewing of a few places next week. So yeah, I was a little frantic when he called. It didn’t take long before our conversation turned into attacking each other and I got pissed I hung up on him. Again. I was in no frame of mind to get back to what I was doing so I whipped myself up a quick dinner and downed it with a bottle of wine.

Yeah....alcohol and raging emotions, N E V E R a good combo. Now, I’m usually in bed about 10pm (😝can you say old fogie?) but last night, about 11.30pm, I showered, put on a lil red dress and rode into town. I’d like to claim it was subconscious but, it was with full intent of going out and getting laid. I don’t know why, but after 3/4 of a bottle of wine, I thought it was a good idea 🙄
In fact, it was soo pre-meditated I even knew where exactly to go and who I was looking for.

I rode straight down to a bar at the end of a road right by the beach. It’s not a bar I’d normally go to but, I Guess this wasn’t me being normal. I parked the bike out front, left my helmet at the bike and was adjusting my dress while walking in. It wasn’t a cold night last night but the wind was blowing in from the ocean and it was chilly. I was in a spaghetti strap dress with no bra and I was obvious. I scanned the area as I took my time to walk to the bar and i spotted who I was looking for. He’s getting ready to go back up for another set.

He’s an acquaintance of ours (the Husband and who I know plays at this bar on weekends. I met him and his Wife about a year ago at a friend’s place. He came across a bit rougue-ish, you know, Musician and all, full beard, messy, longish hair, but through our mutual Friend, found out that he really dotes on his Wife (which I always found sweet). We’ve only spoken a handful of times, when I bump into him at the supermarket or when I come round to this side of the beach (which is probably about....once a month, maybe). The few times I’ve bumped into him when he was alone, Ive noticed him checking me out. So I kinda knew he found me attractive😝

Also a few months ago I found out from a mutual friend that he had separated from his Wife, and that she actually went back to...I actually don’t know where either of them is from. But anyhow. Also heard he was devastated and stopped playing for awhile. I knew he was back playing, thus I was where I was.

So. I sat at the bar, got my drink and turned around to face the elevated platform where the band was. I immediately caught his eye and I raised my bottle at him and smiled. He returned my smile and kept playing. I scanned the entire bar and it wasn’t a full house, but it was fairly filled up. There were only a few empty seats left, and it was a fairly big place. He went through about 7 songs I think, and I was trying to fend off a really young, fairly drunk, Australian guy when he came by. I thanked him for the save, and we took turns buying each other drinks. It didn’t take long before I caught him staring st my tits. I’d pretend to look away for a second and I turn back and he’s looking. 🤪

So of course I’d bend over slightly ever so often😉. It got to a point where I crossed my legs and his eyes would shift. The conversation was passable, and even awkward at times but we were flirting physically in full swing. He’d lean in to Whisper something which I really couldn’t bother to remember. He had to play a few more songs but after he came back again, I told him i wanted to leave. He seemed disappointed and awkward, and kinda came across like he didn’t know how to react, so I him if he’d ride back with me, cos I had a few drinks and didn’t want to leave my bike there. (I was fine. Could have rode home with one eye closed🙄)

Through the ride back (he was on his own bike), I had decided I’d go with the direct route. My other plan was feigning having too much to drink, but that be unbelievable considering I would have ridden about half and hour home😝. Plus this clueless fucker probably wouldn’t get it. We got back to my place, I half asked/ half told him to come in. One of my straps had rolled off my shoulder and he was staring at my tits again, but he was also hesitating. It was a split second, but I kinda sensed it and leaned in to kiss him. He kissed me back and stuck his tongue in my mouth while feeling me up. He ran his hands behind me, and down to my butt. He then pulled my dress up and felt my thing and was really squeezing my ass now.

We got in the front gate but I didn’t want to let him into the house so I dragged him into my infamous couch on my front yard. I was stroking his already hard dick through his shorts and he had got the straps off my shoulders and was already nibbling and sucking my nipples. I was struggling with his shorts so I just told him to take them off. He stopped, untied his shorts and pulled them off together with his underwear. I reached into my handbag and grabbed the rubber (yeah, I was that prepared 😣). No foreplay here. I ripped the corner open, grabbed the condom out, pinched the tip and slid it on him. I told him to sit back and was about to climb on him when I reached down and realised his dick went soft.

I was like, “what the fuck?”. Of course I didn’t say that out loud.
He pushed me off and apologised profusely. Then it got really....weird/awkward. He started crying. I sat back, it sure what to make of this, but a few seconds later he gathered himself and apologised again, and told me that he had separated from his Wife (i feigned surprise, of course) and that he still really, really missed her.

So G R E A T. Now on TOP of not getting laid, I feel horrible. I knew about his situation, pretended not to know, and kinda preyed on it, hoping to, maybe give myself some short term satisfaction..? 🙄

We, well he, spent the next 20minutes telling me about how fast it went sour and how much he missed his Wife. I put my dress back on after like 30seconds. It was weird enough as is, not making it more awkward by sitting there listening to him talk/sob nude😣. I actually feel very very bad for him. Sounds like he loves his Wife very much and is struggling with his situation. I also feel horrible (like a lowlife....maybe...?😬) for literally, preying on him.

Urgh. So there you have it. I kicked off my weekend feeling like crap. I’m gonna need at least two days of washing myself to feel less of a douche😒

So, in all honesty, I do wish you a very good weekend all. Don’t go doing what I did, k? Feels like shit😣
Triple P week!
Posted:Jun 7, 2018 8:28 pm
Last Updated:Jun 9, 2018 3:01 am

That’s problems...with a kapital P!

Oey....what a rough week. Am I being the eternal pessimist by saying I kinda expected this due to all the fun I’ve had the past few weeks? Urgh.

A Friend of mine visited me earlier this week. She and her Husband are kinda new to the lifestyle. Not Super new, about a year plus in, but I suppose still relatively new. I met them last year when they both were in Bali for a holiday. A mutual Friend set us up. I had planned to only meet them for drinks and chat a little bit we hit it off and had a very good time. They’re older, and quite a fit couple, and I rarely meet other couple from Singapore so, it was fun. Anyhow, she found out her Husband has been cheating on her for the past few months and she fly down to kinda take time away from him. Personally, I don’t get it - why fuck around behind your spouses’ back when you have permission to fuck around? 😑. Then again, I don’t know his side of the story so I’ll try to remain impartial. Try to😝

She came by looking for an ear to unload on. It was really nice to see her. I didn’t realise how much I actually miss female company like that. Ok, I’ll admit. I miss some good ol girl-on-girl action😝. It HAS been a loong while and I AM attracted to her, and yes yes, I DID think about it. But!! I didn’t act on it coz it would have been severely inappropriate. She was clearly upset. But I’m just saying...under different circumstances, I’d have smashed that cute, petite, fit lil booty🤣

But anyhow, she was only here for a day and a night, and I spent a lotta time just listening and trying to console her, and have Long discussions about love, commitment, honesty in and around relationships in the lifestyle, and in general I suppose. Cos really, it’s the same. Lifestyle or not. It was also a little hard for me cos the Husband and I aren’t exactly speaking. Again. For the week, at least. Speaking of which...

The issue with the Husband (mine) is...ok, let’s start at the top. We have to move. We’re being evicted. The landlord has decided to recede on our agreement and has asked us to move. No idea what she wants to do with her property but either way, we have a few weeks to move. I’d insist on whipping out our contract and kicking up a fuss but I was advised by friends who have lived here for eons that it’s be a waste of time and resources. Bali law, I’ve come to call it. Also, there was a clause in the contract, apparently, that notice can be given by landlord for eviction. Timeline for that is two weeks. It was a big hoohaa but we’ve had that extended til end of the month, but either way, we’re moving.

How is this related to the Husband and I not talking? Well cos I blame him for this. Right in the beginning, he wanted to take up the responsibility, so he did. And now, cos of not reading the fine print, we’re literally getting fucked outta a place to stay. To make matters worse, this fucker is off on a biz trip and won’t be back til the end of next week before flying off again shortly after, which leaves me the one having to handle this epic bullshit. Oh, we’re not done yet. To kick things up the royally-screwed scale, he’s being accompanied on his current trip by his on-again/off-again Girlfriend. I know who she is and we’ve met a few times but never physically interacted. But she’s not the issue here. Me knowing that he’s having a jolly good time having his brains sucked out his dick WHILE I’m having to deal with this IS the problem 😬

So yes! I’m pissed and we’re not talking😑
But back to that Friend of mine. I’m not sure I’ve consoled her much but she left and aside from a brief text here and there, I haven’t heard from her on what’s happening.

Lastly, aaaaand this one is tricky. Another Friend of mine is dealing with pictures of her Daughter circling online. Yes, those kinda pictures. Her daughter’s 19, and apparently, has taken some....ok, a fair bit of pictures with two of her ex boyfriends. And said ex-boyfriends have circled them online. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Kinda makes me all paranoid with the pictures in the husband’s AND the boyfriend’s phones 😳. I’m not even gonna pretend to know how to deal with that so, I’ll leave this post as is, while I continue to fight fire here AND stay angry at the husband😑

Hope your Friday is going well. At the very least, the weekend is here 😎
Sunday morning ruined by pervs! You mofos!!
Posted:Jun 2, 2018 10:33 pm
Last Updated:Jun 4, 2018 7:35 pm

Hi all, hope your weekend is going well. I wanted to finally post on my week in China but this is nagging at me so, I guess this takes precedence. 😳.
* disclaimer: I’m about to bitch can stop reading if you don’t want none of that😇

I started today with a workout. Sounds reasonable enough. The plan was to go straight to the beach after my workout, even out some pretty weird Tan lines I got from kayaking earlier this week, then head home to chill. The husband is travelling again for work and I spent the whole of yesterday cleaning up so today, I was gonna take it easy.

Right off the bat, the plans were thrown out the window. Instead of heading to the gym, I met a few friends at an open air carpark. In the far end there were a few benches and monkey bar. We ended up working out there, which was actually quite fun. Except it just kept going on, and on, and on. We just kept going through cycles of interval exercises, then ran a fair bit, and then more cycles of exercises.... And before we even realise, the whole fucking thing lasted 3 hours. Yup. That’s 3 fucking hours of working out 😳

Granted, we took breaks in between to discuss what we were gonna do, but by the end i was drained! Think we all were. And all I had in the morning was coffee and fruits! So we were done and it was still a little past 10am, the sun was out, we walked to the beach. Only another Friend joined me at the beach. We made it a point to not tell everyone cos we really didn’t want to socialise😝. It’s supposed to just be a chill out session. More so after the workout.

We found a place to change out of our sweaty attire and into our bikinis. It was a cafe so I ordered a sandwich and we headed to the beach. It’s not a stretch I’ve been before so I had wrapped a sarong around myself while walking. There were a lotta beach goers around so I wasn’t too bothered when it came time to remove my sarong. We found a spot, parked ourselves down and I had already lathered myself with lotion and was diggin into my sandwich when my Friend pointed out a group of 3 guys a few metres from us. She noticed them from the cafe while we were there and she thought they had followed us out.

Initially, I thought maybe, it does happen, as creepy as that sounds. Plus we really weren’t that covered up. 🤷🏻‍♀️. I mean, it IS the beach😝. I didn’t pay too much attention to that anymore and brushed it off. It was probably an hour after I was done with my sandwich when I got up and headed to the water to cool off. On my way back up, I had noticed they were still there. And this is the thing that really ticks me off - they had their phones out with their camera lens facing us. They were trying hard (and failing miserably) to hide the fact that they were following my movement with their phones.

I went back and told my friend, and she got pissed, and we decided the mood is literally, ruined. We packed up and left. We walked away from them and circled our way back up towards the carpark where we had worked out and back to where we parked. We passed the cafe again, and I saw them through the reflection off the front of the cafe! These three idiots were following us! Perving is one thing, but this was really fucking creepy. My friend was about to turn and scream at them but I really wasn’t in the mood for that so we hurried back to our bikes and rode off.

I’m usually fine with riding my bike in my bikini when I’m moving in or around the beach area, but this place was a little further than usual from where I live. But we didn’t know if these fuckers had their own transport or not, and I really just wanted to head home. issue aside, I rode my motorbike all the way back home in a micro bikini😝. In hindsight, that sounds a little more sexy than it really was 🤪. It was scorching, and chilly, and I had to deal with stares and disapproving looks, especially riding through a few of the smaller villages. So yea, if you were one of those in those villages (although I doubt you’d be if you were reading this here 🤣), sorry bout that 🤪

I would have liked to soak in a lil more sun, cos now I got a really weird double tan. Lol
I got one from the tights and life jacket I had worn Kayaking, and a faintly visible line from this morning😝

Fuck! The more I think about it, the angrier I get. Fucking idiots ruined my morning😑

Work wise, I’ve got a travel freeze due to Budget cuts, so less travelling from now on. Which means I’d have a lil more time (hopefully) to run out to my usual quiet spot, or just lay on my front yard for a lil more sun. The fucked up news following that is, I’ve got more calls to take. I’ve now got a 6-hour call to take about twice a week. 6 hours! I really question the productivity in that, but fuck. I don’t make the rules 😒

Okok, enough bitching already. I’ll try and post about the Shanghai trip as planned. Maaaaaybe after a nap....😋

Thanks for reading!! Have a fantastic rest of the weekend!!
Who’d have thought they actually meant Camel toes?🤪
Posted:May 28, 2018 5:41 am
Last Updated:Jun 13, 2018 5:07 am

I was at the gym earlier today and was supposed to meet my husband for dinner before heading home cos neither of us wanted to cook today. He had suggested this Italian restaurant, and since we didn’t plan beforehand, I texted the Husband to bring me a nice dress and a set of underwear cos I didn’t bring a change of clothes to the gym. In hindsight, always always call to make sure the Husband brings what he’s supposed to 😣

He brought me a maroon dress I haven’t worn in ages, and (I think it’s deliberate) did not bring me any underwear 😑. I should have checked when he passed me the bag of clothes and toiletries, but I didn’t. I only found out there was a dress inside after my shower. 🤣. We went for dinner anyway 🤷🏻‍♀️ So hey, if you were at said Italian restaurant and inadvertently got flashed, well, with it, I suppose 🤪

Anyhow, while waiting for the Husband after I was done with my workout, I joined some friends at a cafe right beside the gym. These were people I see at the gym. They were already seated when I joined them, and after a few seconds, I realised they were talking about cameltoes. I thought it was an odd topic to be discussing, but not uncommon given how common it must be in a gym environment. But the conversation was weird in a sense, I was struggling to grasp what exactly they were talking about. I just knew it was about cameltoes. Terms like “evenly spread” were used and I for one have never heard THAT before.

I must have looked really lost cos one of them stopped the conversation and asked me if I knew what they were talking about. It kinda went like this:

Guy 1: Do you know what we’re talking about?
Me: yeah. Cameltoes right?
Guy 1: Yes. And?
Me: And what?
Guy 1: What do you think?
Me: It’s natural. It’s really unavoidable sometimes.
The rest: Wait wait. Unavoidable how?
Guy 1: Hang on a Sec. Do you know what cameltoe we’re talking about?

To which, I push my chair back, stood up, and pull my tights up and pressed my thighs together, and went “this! Cameltoe right?”

They then burst out laughing. One of them actually looked mortified and blushed. Apparently, this guy was telling the group about Camel toes. How they’re spread out so their weight is distributed evenly so they don’t sink in the sand🤣

How the fuck was into know? Lol
So yeah....that my booboo for the day. Figured I’d share this before I forget 🤪

Happy Monday y’all! Have a good week!!
How about that? Getting banned from a school I never knew existed until this morning🙄
Posted:May 26, 2018 1:50 am
Last Updated:Jun 4, 2018 7:37 pm

Happy Saturday y’all!! I’m sitting at home waiting on a delivery (which is two weeks overdue, cos they were supposed to be here, well, two friggin weeks ago!) on another wet Balinese day. The Husband is out running errands so, here I am blogging.

I was also reading my last post and I actually felt mortified I posted it. 😝. I’m glad some people read it and enjoyed it but...I guess this is one of those times I get embarrassed I posted it. So IF you read it, and commented, thank you. 🤪

I got back from my recent work trip to China in the wee hours of Friday morning. I was actually done on Wednesday but had spent an extra day and night there with the Boyfriend. I’ll write more on that (IF I don’t feel too embarrassed) in another post😋. So I got back Friday and spent the entire day sleeping it off cos I actually managed very little sleep while i was travelling. In the evening the Husband suggested we’d go to a friend’s place cos they were organising a get-together. I didn’t really want to go, but after spending a week with the boyfriend, and the Husband being so cool about it, I didn’t really want to turn him down, so we went.

The plus side was, I finally had the opportunity to wear the sheer romper I bought earlier this year 😉. So by the time we got there, there were already people there. The party wasn’t in full swing but it was already gathering steam. There were a few people we recognised so we went over to say hello, made small talk. You know. As the evening wore on, the Husband and I kinda drifted apart and I found myself talking to two couples who I’ve never met before that. We were kinda introducing ourselves and swapping stories on how we each knew the host when the Husband came by and dragged me into one of the rooms. I thought this was him not-so-discreetly sneaking me away so we could fool around. Turns out I was half right😝

He dragged me into the room and out onto the balcony where it looked over into the house beside the one we were in, specifically into one of their rooms where there were two ladies fucking. The first thing I felt was embarrassment. Then it quickly became rather embarrassingly voyeuristic, cos well, it was! And then it got quite erotic. 😝. Cos they were really going at it. One of them was blonde, skinny and tall. The other was a shorter, Korean or Japanese-looking older lady. The passion between them was what got to me. It was then that I kinda realised that I’m quite a voyeur😋. I was actually getting turned on by watching them.

The Husband was of course, loving every second of it. He was standing behind me with his arms around mine, and I was resting against the railing. I could feel
Him pressing his hard on into me. I didn’t even realise that for the entire duration we were both standing there watching, we had our hands on each other and I had not once taking my eyes off the two ladies. The Husband then slid the top off my shoulders and let what I was wearing drop on the floor. I did a quick scan around to see if anyone was watching us (while I watch someone else. Yeah...the irony 🤪). The Husband was already on one knee kissing the lower back and I turned so my front was facing him. I made sure I could still see the window and was still intently watching them when I put one thigh over my husband’s shoulder while he ate me out. I would have watched them a little longer but was now kinda occupied myself😒

We moved into the bedroom while I tore clothes off from the Husband as we moved. I pushed him to sit on the edge of the bed while I dropped to my knees and returned the favour. I was starting to get him deeper down my throat and had one hand massaging his balls when he grabbed my hands and put them beside him on the bed. He then grabbed a handful of hair with both his hands and started thrusting his hips up. The first thrust surprised me and forced me to gag a bit, and I was drooling all over his balls. He then started asking me about my week, and how much I liked it. At this point I should mention that I had taken a call from him once on Monday evening when I was riding the boyfriend, and once on Tuesday night when the Boyfriend was slamming into me from behind🤪. There is also that thing on Wednesday night when I went clubbin with the Boyfriend and kinda met up with two of his friends. Hey, no secrets, right?

So the Husband was face fucking me at this point, then with the fistful of hair, he dragged me into my feet, kissed me deeply once, and threw me into the bed. It was also at this point where all notion of me getting to choose what positions I fancied was kinda outta the question😝
It turned out pretty good. We haven’t fucked that vigorously in quite awhile. It was energy sapping. We ended up falling asleep and waking about 7am this morning.

Personally, I don’t like waking up someplace where I don’t have my toiletries. So I insisted we leave immediately. Except I could find my romper😳. In the heat of the moment, we couldn’t figure out where we threw it, or tossed it. It wasn’t in the balcony or in the room. Our friends, the host was nice enough to lend me a bathrobe so I put that on and hoped into the car. You’d think that was it, but turns out I’m not that lucky😣

We had to drive past a school on our way back and something was going on today cos that one road was jammed up. We were inching forward and stopping intermittently in traffic when we somehow, happened to stop by one of the Teachers who was directing traffic. I was slumped in my seat, still a bit groggy, feeling all clammy, and staring out the car window daydreaming, I didn’t realise the bathrobe had slid off my right shoulder and my breasts were exposed. 😝. All I saw was her face, looking directly at me, then her jaws dropping at the same time her eyes enlarged. She came up my side of the car and banged on the window. Of course I wound the window down, to which I was greeted with hysterical chastising.

I don’t really remember exactly what she said but it had something about not being responsible, kids around, and if we minded, to never come round the school ever again. Lol. I actually remember the looks of the parents pulling their kids away clearer. Yeeeaaaaah....not my proudest moment.

I pulled my bathrobe in right and we still had to sit in that jam in front of the school for a whopping 15 Super awkward minutes before we moved. It’s....horrible but, the husband and I just couldn’t stop laughing.🤪

So that was my Friday night/Saturday morning. Hope yours fared better 😉
Yes!! A good week of dicks!!
Posted:May 19, 2018 10:04 pm
Last Updated:May 22, 2018 4:32 pm

I wrote half a post yesterday at the airport detailing what a whirlwind of a week I had but in my haste to catch the plane I was supposed to catch, I lost it all🤪. Ah well. Mostly my own fault, but not entirely (me tryin to shift the blame? Nah😬). I was waiting for the longest time and 10minutes before take off they announce a reminder that they have moved to a different gate. So. Not entirely my fault. I DID take a long time though, mainly cos I was in text conversations with a few people at the same time.

Anyways. My week was fan-fucking-tastic! Literally. Everything just fell into place smoothly. Of course the minute I started writing about it all went to shit🙄. Ok, so my week past - the week of Ds😘 (that’s dicks by the way)

I flew out to Taipei early this week for work and the husband had the week off so rather surprisingly, he flew out to Taipei to join me. Work was smooth too, I mean, the usual cram-your-day-with-as-many-meetings-as-they-possibly-can kinda work trip, but they left my evenings alone. No socialising so that was good. We even managed to catch the Avengers movie. I can’t even remember the last time we actually went to the movies. (And FYI, I like the two Chris’ with the beards. Add that black panther guy in and you’d get the perfect manwich!) I’ve always liked Taipei and would have liked to roam the streets and night markets a little, at least, but hotel rooms just scream sex, right? 😉. So aside from one evening when we went to the movies right after dinner, I didn’t see Taipei at all. It was all work, back to the room, fuck like crazy, room service, fuck a lil more, then fall asleep. Wake, and repeat. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a loooong time coming, I’m NOT complaining.

Thursday evening, the boyfriend flew in from HK and joined us. Nothing happened when he got in cos it was really late and we were already knocked out. We did manage breakfast together but that was it. I left the boys on Friday and went to work, texting/sexting both of them through the day. Second half of Friday there was a bit of socialising in the office and I did get in a few drinks but we were done a little earlier than usual. So I rushed back to the hotel, declining all offers for more after-work drinks, texting both of them checking where they were. I didn’t get a response from either of them but when I got back to the hotel, I saw the boyfriend in the lobby.

I caught his eye and we met at the elevator. It was all cordial on our way up, right up til we stepped out onto our floor. I grabbed his belt buckle and dragged him towards my room. I was fumbling for my keycard in my bag, mainly cos I couldn’t see. He had leaned in and was kissing me, and had pressed me against the room door. He had unbuttoned my blouse and then dropped on one knee to pull my panties down. In the midst of that I fumbled for my keycard and got the door opened. We stumbled into the room, tearing clothes off each other when I had to push him away to use the bathroom (hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go).

He stood there and watched me pee, which is still Super weird for me. I mean, you can’t get any more self conscious than that 😝. I dragged him, literally, by the balls, into the shower. I was all clammy and god knows what the fuck he’s been doing 🤪. We showered, well, mostly just washed the areas where we were going to put out mouths on 😉. We haven’t seen each other in months so, I got him down and rode him so hard he came in a few minutes LOL

But! The miracles of youth....we took a short break and I was about to rub one out on my own when he got his second wind. He offered, so I rubbed myself on his face instead 😉. He got hard again pretty quickly so he flipped me over and climbed on top of me. He got me to cum once, and then dragged me to the edge of the bed and turn me belly down. Before he could do anything, I jumped up and dashed towards the cupboard and grabbed the lube and threw it at him. 😋 I climbed back into bed and laid on my side while he lubed up my ass and went for it. It started slow, and then the strokes came longer, and deeper, and right when he picked up speed, the main door opened and the Husband came in 🤪

Not one of us spoke. The Husband closed the door, kicked off his shoes, came over and kissed me on the head. He then started playing with my breasts, caressing and pinching my nipples. He then leaned in and kissed me, and that really got me going. Of all things, I never thought that’d be what tipped me over but I thought that was fucking hot. We were kissing and I savoured the taste of his tongue, and he ran his hands down my belly, then my legs, and the inside of my thighs. I grabbed his hand and directed it in me. I’ve actually never tried that before😝. Getting fingered and ass fucked at the same time. LOL

He stripped down after and we literally tried to fuck on every piece of furniture in that room😊. We DP’d twice that night, and spent the whole night fucking, falling asleep, waking, and fuck some more. I did the Boyfriend a few times more, considering I haven’t seen, felt, tasted him in months, but I also made sure the Husband wasn’t left out. I think I slept a total of two hours, accumulated, that night. We checked out in the early afternoon cos I had a flight to China to catch (another work trip). The Husband flew home cos he’s gonna be travelling again later this coming week and the Boyfriend was supposed to fly back to HK but he’s since changed flights and will meet me here tomorrow. 😊. I am literally, still sore so we’ll see how much we manage to get up to this week.

So yes!! That was my week, and it must be one of the bestest (not a real word) week I’ve had in a long, looong time.

But!! Like all things go, it just took a turn for the worse. The Husband got more than a bit upset that the boyfriend is flying here to meet me without either of us discussing with him first. Granted, he has the right to be upset. We need to be communicating clearly with each other all the time. No excuses. So my excuse is 😝, I was literally dick-drunk. It’s been a good dick week. I can’t think straight. I took it for granted that he was informed and now he’s pissed. He’s not pissed that I’m spending a bit more time with the Boyfriend, he’s pissed that it wasn’t clearly communicated. It got so bad we were screaming at each other earlier and now we’re not communicating 🙄

I’ll see if I can make peace with him later and before the bf gets here cos, it would literally make any enjoyment impossible.

Ah well. First world problems🤪
It’s a long one so, thanks for reading
Coffee, office idiots and tits popping out. Get jealous much?
Posted:May 15, 2018 11:34 pm
Last Updated:May 19, 2018 12:12 am

Im onto my third cup of coffee today. Although I DO love my coffee, I find that my need for caffeine increases with the amount of bullshit I have to deal with. And don't we all just love work crap. As much as I love coffee, this is spoiling it for me though. Maybe I'll stop after this cup. I hate to call people names, but some people are just idiots

Two cases in point : one
We all need to work together to get things done. That's a given. For that to happen, we need to really give and take. Some people though, just HAVE to use this aa an opportunity to "stake their claim" on certain aspects of work. We are all in different office around the world. I've also heard of trying to own a virtual space but this is getting ridiculous. Someone needs to invent a virtual slap that translates to pain :S. So that's work today, thus far.

Care in point: two
This morning I rode out into town to run an errand. It was supposed to be a quick run down, pick up a few things and back in time for a call. This bitch in a car almost ran me over cos there was a queue going into a single lane and she thought she didn't want to queue, so she cut in at the very last minute, not giving a fuck if I had occupied said particular lane on my motorbike. What. A. Bitch. -_-

Over the weekend past, we met up with some friends and tried kayaking. I wasn't too interested on socialising but kinda got talked into it so, the husband and I joined two other couples and went kayaking in a river somewhere It was fun, and for that point alone, I was glad I went. It wasn't too hard either. Maybe I was just expecting more...? Anyhow.

After we were done, we went somewhere for lunch where we were seated on the floor and the food is served on low tables (Its quite common here). It was your typical Balinese afternoon of scorching sun, rain and high humidity so we were all in shorts and t-shirts mostly. One of the other ladies had on a tank top that was quite loose. Every time she bent over or move, the front kept dropping lower and soon enough, she kept spilling out of her top. She wore a bra, but still she kept exposing herself. I didn't think it was such a big deal, and there were no big reactions from everyone else, but I did catch the husband staring on a few occasions. She kept adjusting herself, but clearly was comfortable with the situation too.

I was just watching everyone talk and suddenly wondered if this lady's husband was comfortable with it. He seemed like there wasn't a big deal or like nothing skipped a beat, but there were also point during that afternoon that I thought I saw him getting a little agitated. I might be wrong, but either way, that's why I wondered.

When the husband and I first started out, he got really uncomfortable with how revealing I wore, which was weird cos it's never consistent. One day its fine, another it's not. I completely understand this. Someone once told me that initially, it's always ok, but as soon as the relationship moved into the next phase, it suddenly changes. LOL I get it. I'm just suddenly remembering once when we were here in Bali on a holiday years ago, I went for breakfast once in a long dress without anything underneath. It was a fairly thin dress and every time I bend over or reach for something, he'd get mad and excited at the same time. LOL
I know I shouldn't laugh at this but damn it was amusing. He's fine now, although I think it's resignation more than anything else

AAAAannnyway. A lotta people will tell you it's ok for their partners to wear whatever they want to wear, dress however they want to dress. But not all of these people really mean it. So, how "okay" are you really with your partner's choice of attire? Be it an evening or in general?
Good vibes and bad vibes.
Posted:May 10, 2018 11:10 pm
Last Updated:May 14, 2018 12:28 am

Hola! Happy Friday!!

I logged on earlier and was about to blog but I literally uh...had to step away for a pre-lunch quickie>>!

So yeah, I got laid!!! Finally! I know right?

Before you get excited, it was with the husband. He got back on Wednesday night and took the whole of Thursday to shake off the jet lag (I still don't think he's completely shaken it off but he's better now). We tried last night, we even dressed up and went out and all. I was trying to recreate something in my head (more on that later) but by the time we got back, he was too tired and I kinda had to take a late work call, so that kinda killed the mood pretty quickly. BUT!!

This morning though It all came together (Oh...pardon the pun).

First off, nude yoga is back on the menu!! Yay! The instructor (or is that teacher...? I always don't know what to call her. We're on first name basis so....hmm...) is back from her travels, so this morning was our first class back. I dragged the husband along and, after initially protesting, he enjoyed it. We did a few partner stuff so that got erotic rather quickly. We ran off straight after class and went straight to the beach. It's not the most secluded beach but it was pretty early when we got there so I managed to go topless for awhile. We were fooling around and would have went for it there and then but there were a few people around and we didn't want to get in trouble. So we then ran straight home.

We fucked once on the floor in the front yard. I managed to get him hard again in the shower and that lead to round two. (I came twice so...does that count as three?) We jumped back into bed and fell asleep for about an hour before I got up and had to work. I was on a call when he got up and came straight towards me, kneeled in front me, parted my legs and dove right in. I've always liked that I got off my call and that was round....3? On the kitchen counter top.

So yeah. A veeerrry good first half so far. Gotta give him credit though. Not bad for a 50+ year old fart LOL

So yeah, now I'm on my weekly department call/meeting I be, blogging away trying to multi task . This is stark contrast to what happened earlier this week. Oh! Before that, the husband and I were technically still arguing, cos we still haven't settled what we were arguing about. But I suppose that's what its about...? Live and let live?

Anyways. Back to earlier this week.

Tuesday night, I went out with a friend of mine and her husband. Against my own better judgement, we actually went clubbing And I gotta admit, I quite enjoyed it. LOL. But I digress, back to this. So this couple, I met them early this year or late last year, I can't recall now, but I met them then, we got along really well and even played a bit, and it was enjoyable. They're both in the late 40s/early 50s and they're both really fit. They're basically really really nice people and they have very clear boundaries, and we communicate well. So they were here for a few days to visit and only called me very late. They only had Tuesday night to spare and had asked me out so, I really couldn't refuse.

They also had another friend in tow, this guy. I wasn't too thrilled to meet anyone else aside from them but they were gonna review him to see if they wanted to take him back to their room, so I went along with them. We were supposed to meet this guy at the lobby of the hotel they were staying at, but I had gone there a little earlier so I went straight up to their room. They were both ready when I got there, just some last minute make up touches (I admit, I WAS hoping I'd caught them in the midst of dressing or something so....well, I have been horny all week ) But anyhoo, nothing physical happened. We chatted for a bit and off we went.

Met this guy in their lobby and he was quite good looking. He was a friend of a friend of theirs or something, we chatted for a bit before we all set off. It was walking distance to the club they had picked. We got there, and had a few drinks, and I kinda left them to do their interview. The female half of the couple got me to accompany her to the bathroom and I figured her husband must want to speak to him alone, so I went with her. We had to cut through the dance floor so I grabbed her hand to stop her and we danced a little bit. This is after a few drinks so, we got to rubbing up against each other pretty.....vigorously. I leaned in to kiss her and immediately tasted her tongue in my mouth. I didn't even realise how long they were doing it but I looked around and there was a group of three guys rubbing themselves against us. I wasn't ready for that so she grabbed me and we headed to the bathroom.

The toilets were full and while waiting, we told each other how nice it was to see each other again (we weren't drunk, honest LOL ) A cubicle opened up and without a word, we went in together. She still needed to pee, which was a little odd, cos that's never been my thing, but we both took turns peeing. It was a tight squeeze, so she went first, I stood in front of her with my back against the door and when she was done, she stood up and we had to circle around each other, and I went. I stood up after I was done and she leaned in and kissed me. In hindsight, it definitely isn't the most.....ideal of...uh...places to be making out, but heck, we made out. I pulled her tighter into me but she pulled away slightly, only to make space for her hand to slide down between my legs. I didn't cum, but she got me really, really wet ;P

When we got out of the cubicle, I was telling her she got me so wet I was soaking through my undies. She was laughing and I thought, fuck it. I pulled them back down and took them off and chucked them in my purse. She took hers off as well and we went back out. We went straight back to our seats and joined the guys. Now at this point, I thought, yeeaaah....things were going pretty well. So we joined the guys and she went back to her husband and they were doing something to each other with their hands so, I got left with the other guy. This was where it went sour. Like bad milk sour

We started talking and it started out quite normal. He was telling me about how he got into the lifestyle and I was telling him about mine. I must have mentioned a few things that I like sexually, cos he then started asking why I like them. Fair enough question. He then suggested the possibility of me liking what I like was maybe, due to me being violated when I was young. I mean, like really?! What the cooking-fuck?! I tried to keep calm and replied but he kept driving the conversation in that direction aaaaand needless to say, this motherfucker got creepy really quick. I told my friends he was creeping me out and kinda left. I told them they might want to consider including him in their post clubbing fun. He literally killed the mood for me and I couldn't run Hom fast enough. What. A. Weirdo.

Even thinking about it now is kinda killing all the good vibes from this morning.
A sexually frustrated post. Hey, it is what it is 🤷🏻‍♀️
Posted:May 6, 2018 8:08 am
Last Updated:May 14, 2018 12:28 am

Tried logging on earlier but had problems. What’s up guys? Haven’t you solved the issues yet?!? 😑

So Sunday mornings are usually my workout time and I’ve tried to keep it consistent. This morning was no different.....but it was kinda....distracted. So I wouldn’t count it as a proper workout, but at least I got my ass outta the house and perspired a little (from the humidity mostly 😝).

I started my workout with a run. I used to run a lot more but ankle and knee pain have kinda made me look for other things to do. I don’t detest it. This morning my Indian Friend called and asked if I would like to join her for a run. She’s in the process of figuring out what she likes to do so last week I accompanied her to a CrossFit class (I blogged about that last week). I don’t know what she gets up to in the week but she called this morning and asked, so I figured I’d join her.

It was a 15min walk to meet her and once there, we took off. We ran for about....10mins before we stopped. Lol. It took her, I think, 3 out of those 10mins to figure out running isn’t for her. I don’t think she’s that unfit cos she’s in pretty decent shape. She was holding her own in CrossFit class. I’m pretty sure it’s her tits cos they was waaaaaaay too much bouncing for it to be anywhere near comfortable. 🤣. She not the kind to talk about it or even mention it so, when she suggested we stop, I kinda figured it and didn’t protest. I mean, I can’t really relate 😞 but I was tired just watching them bounce around. Lol

We ended up walking all the way to the gym I usually go to, and that’s about a half hour to 45min walk. It could have been quicker but we were chatting. Plus I caught myself staring at her tits a few times. Lol. Part of me is envious, but an equal part of me is also feeling sorry for her. Heheh

Anyhow. I was still feeling energetic so I suggested we hit the gym to see if she liked it. I wanted to squeeze a workout in but she wanted to join the yoga class that was on at the time. I’ve actually never tried yoga there so, being a good host, I joined her. It wasn’t a workout workout, coz this class was quite slow. Maybe I’m just biased coz I still like my nude yoga classes. But! The entertainment value in that one class made up for it🤣

First of all, I was in running shorts, not exactly good yoga attire (flashback to nutsack guy from two weeks ago 😎) so I picked a spot right at the back and in a corner so I wouldn’t flash anyone. It was a perfect spot for some voyeurism cos I could see everyone. And damn some guys actually just wear tights to class. I’ve heard of it, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it. There were three of them. Two had on long tights and one had short tights on. Kinda like the bicycle tights, minus the padding. I do admire their confidence😊. Cos none of them had underwear inside the tights.

Which I think is the right way to wear them (ok this is just my opinion. It’s like wearing underwear under underwear🤪. Nvm. Again, my opinion). I don’t have an issue with them. But I gotta admit, it does feel a lil odd knowing they park their junk to the left or to the right. Kinda like ballsack guy - it’s a lil odd in this kinda setting, but I don’t even notice it in my regular nude yoga classes. Ok....maybe I DO notice it....just a lil bit😉

So yeah, between them three and my friend’s tits threatening to spill out every time she goes down dog, it was at the very least, a good eyeful. The downside to that was we had to walk all the way back, and although we took a shorter time, it felt longer😋. Plus the 15min walk back by myself was a real bitch cos it was hot and humid AF! I was really really horny (I actually have been Super horny all week!!) from the mild workout but the humidity kinda killed it by the time I got home😣

So I got home, stripped, fixed myself a cold smoothie and sat on a towel, on the steps on the front porch, all sweaty and stinky 😝. I thought, at the very least, that should get me back in the mood for a rub in the bathroom, perhaps? 😉. Then my phone rang and the delivery that I’ve been expecting the whole week isn’t gonna make it cos, get this, they don’t have it in stock. I ordered and paid for it about 3-4weeks ago. Now they tell me I gotta wait another 2-3weeks for them to re-stock it and get it delivered 😑. Ok so that’s strike one.

As soon as I hung up, I saw that I had a few messages. I had left my phone at home when I went for my run, actually specifically for this reason. But anyhow. I had a few messages from the Boyfriend, who still isn’t getting it. He doesn’t understand, or maybe he’s refusing to understand why we’re arguing. I might have to literally smack him in the head 😬lol. Strrrrrrike two!

Still fuming from the situation, the Husband calls. This is a few hours after I had got home and saw all the messages (I didn’t reply, FY. So I took the call and it started ok. I mean, like usual. I don’t know what happened, but he got upset, then I got upset, and then next thing I knew I was screaming over the phone, and he was screaming over the phone. How the fuck do these things escalate so quickly? 😣. Anyhooo, we hung up, and now technically we’re now not talking, presumably til he gets back midweek. Strrriiiiiiike three!!! You’re fucked!

Well technically, I’m not😣. Which is the problem, now particularly, cos this is the exact time when I want my partners around. I mean, what is the point of actually having a Husband AND a Boyfriend, and playmates even (let’s count them in too cos they’re all out of reach!!) when I’m horny AF and they’re not.....I wanna use available, but that’s not really true, coz even IF they’re here, we still wouldn’t be fucking cos we can’t fucking sort our shit out!!

Arrgghh!! Can you tell I’m just a little frustrated? 😣
Even the good old magic bunny didn’t help. Oh I’ve rubbed a few out....but....not.....helping....😬

Ah well, another day, another problem. Hope your weekend fared better!
Thanks for reading!!

Blogging - the new therapy. 😋
Anger, there is, plenty in you. Patience, have you not. Well fuck you yoda! 😣
Posted:May 4, 2018 3:44 am
Last Updated:May 6, 2018 7:00 am

I admit, the force must be strong today. How else can I explain two blog entries in a single day? 😬

I managed to sneak out to the gym for a few hours and got in a good workout. I’m gonna be aching through the weekend but...I’m just gonna continue telling myself it’s good for me. 😝 I went back to the gym I usually go to. I’m usually there in the mornings so I don’t recognise anyone cos the crowd was different. For one, it was all guys in there earlier, for some strange reason. I admit, the numbers in there are usually skewed towards males, but I was the only female in there earlier. Odd. But anyway, some of these guys are really young (early to mid 20s, I’m guessing) and gawd damn some of the things they talk about while working out is...bizarre.

I was in the corner where the squat racks are, and there are two of them. I was using one, this group of three guys were using the other. I was minding my own business, working out when I caught wind of what they were talking about, and they were talking about dick pumps. I’m guessing they were comparing notes on using it or something but one of them was saying he needs to use it more. 🤣. I glanced over and they were so caught up in their conversation it was almost funny. I’ve only known one person who has used one, and as far as I know, it seems like a load of crock. Like it gets your dick swollen for awhile but the effects doesn’t last, right?

Now I’m no expert on this so if any or you know better, please do share 😉

Also, I’m on a call now and I’m tired, sore, and very irritable. Oh! Speaking of irritable...

Why do some people have to be such assholes? 🙄. Lemme me rephrase, why do some younger guys have to such assholes? Okay okay, specifically, why doesn’t my boyfriend have to be such an asshole? 😤. We’ve been talking and texting each other quite often the last month or so. Well, more often than usual. Usually, we’ll communicate for a bit, then we’d take turns disappearing for awhile before texting each other again.

But the last month or so we’ve been really up in each other’s lives. He’s been itching to spend some time alone with me without the husband for awhile now and I’ve agreed to it. He’s suggested a trip together but I’m not inclined to do that and we’ve agreed he’ll come over. We will just arrange a date when the husband is travelling. So that’s that. Then today he really got on my nerves. He was basically being a rude, obnoxious, self-entitled ass. I think he’s mistaken that for confidence. Maybe it’s confidence over flowing into cockiness, I don’t know. At this moment, I don’t really care.

His behaviour basically spurred on an argument and I told him earlier to go fuck himself. Like literally, don’t come round, and certainly don’t expect me to reach out to him when I’m in China for work in a few weeks. He can go fuck his own hand for the foreseeable future, cos we’re certainly not fucking in any shape or form now. Dumb ass. 🙄

I’m sure me being impatient with him contributes to the argument. I mean, I WAS young once too😣. And gawd knows how many fuck ups ive been guilty of. Sigh. Ah well. We’ll see what happens. We’ll probably smooth things out eventually but I’m not taking his calls this weekend.

Part of me is even jealous. Lol. To be young, dumb and full of cum again.🤪
How open do you get with your partner? Eeeks!!
Posted:May 3, 2018 10:04 pm
Last Updated:May 5, 2018 7:02 pm

Happy Star Wars day!!

I should stop bitching about work, and I really shouldn’t start my entry by bitching about work, but it’s just sooo hard! 😣. I’m going to be spending my whole day just waiting on people to send me things so I can work on them, then send them back out and wait for replies before I can pro on them again. I’m telling you, it’s a bitch 😝 Good news is I can do it nude, sitting on my couch on my front porch. I do have a few calls to take so I’ll have to put something on then. But for now, helloooo sunshine!! 😊

Jumping right into today’s topic. I’m a little torn on the subject of going a little crazy, or really letting loose with your partner. Sex wise, I mean. Don’t get me wrong, I really try not to hold back with my husband, but it can get a little awkward in some situations, doesn’t it? He’s been asking me if there’s anything I want to try of late. We’ve both been travelling a lot and he wants to plan things out for when he gets back. I understand and really appreciate it. And I’ve told him too, I’ve been craving more guys to play with. Last time I was involved in a gangbang was a good few years ago.

He’s ok with it now (he wasn’t comfortable with it before) but the ones that we’ve been in together have been enjoyable, but not crazy crazy, know what I mean? Like I want to go out dancing with my boys again, really letting loose, and going back and getting fucked proper by 4,5....maybe a little more, guys.

I’m not sure if he’s totally comfortable with it cos last thing we all need is for him to freak out. That’s the easy bit though, cos I can just ask him and we can talk about it. The tricky bit is, I’m not sure I can really let loose with him around, know what I mean? 😝.

I think the trick is having the ability to compartmentalise. Like the first time he adopted a dominant role in bed, I had to keep it in, as in hold my tongue. Cos in my head, I wanted to scream “oh so now you want to dominate? It would have been nice if you’d actually dominated the situation earlier and stood up for me over dinner!!” 🤪. But, as with all things, you gotta let some things slide 😋

But yes, I digress. Being the slut again. It’s a role I’ve played lots of times with my usual playmates. And it’s a lot easier to fit that role cos we’re all old friends and I feel safe with them and we’ve been playing together for years. The issue now is, will it mess up the dynamics and the fun of the husband is involved. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Ah well. Lots to think about. Gotta take a call shortly. It’s a video call too so I gotta get ready. Thanks for reading
Some people have no chill
Posted:May 3, 2018 5:36 am
Last Updated:May 3, 2018 5:52 pm

It’s my first month employed! I survived my first month, although truth be told, it feels waaaay fucking longer than a month. The job’s ok, I mean, so far so good. I’m enjoying learning more about it, and making a difference, albeit marginally in the grand scheme of things. I like getting paid But how is it there are parts to the job that I fucking hate? We all have that, right? And it’s usually the parts that involve dealing with other people? Fuck some people are really, really…..turds. Good god, what is wrong with them?

Anyhow, I’m glad I’m at least back at home. The trip to HK was trying. I thought I’d at least get to sacrifice an evening’s rest to go catch up with my bestie and her husband but that didn’t happen. Which makes me feel even worse cos I keep thinking about the last time we met up (which was fucking awesome. Actually it was more awesome fucking ) and that made me feel worse. I might have another trip later this year so we’re definitely going to meet up then.

Anyhow. Met up a few of the vendors yesterday in HK and it was tiring. One guy though, made it super weird. He was awkward mostly, and when he spoke, he came across as….shifty. Anyway, to make matters worse, in the middle of the meeting, I dropped my pen and reached down to pick it up. For some reason, I looked up (i must have felt eyes burning through me or something. LOL ) and saw Mr awkward looking towards me. Took me a second to realise that he was looking down my blouse. So I picked up my pen and was looking directly at him and he didn’t even notice. He was still staring at my tits. :S. Like seriously, dude…you mind?

So that set the tone with this guy. Every time I moved I could see him shift in his seat to try and either look up my skirt or down my blouse. I’d usually brush it off but damn this guy was making it uncomfortable. Like really, we all have smart phones now. Go surf some porn, jack off and be cool about it. Some people…
At the very least, I hope he can at least do his job. I suppose we'll find out.

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