To shave or not to shave  

justmefornow144 47F  
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3/13/2018 9:36 pm
To shave or not to shave

Normally I keep my area shaved. Years ago I did have a nice hairy bush. It felt amazing when my nectar would get caught in the ringlets of my public hair. I had a lover who would play with my pubs. Run his fingers thru then just twirl it around his fingers. His cock would immedialy pop to attention. He would rub his cock thru my wet curly cunt hairs. Picking up my moisture on his cock , running his wet top covered in my juices all over my lips. Just running it on my lips to taste.

So I'm thinking do I keep the hardwood floor or let it go and have it grow back into a nice curl mess. Any suggestions?

LetMePlzrU2017 53M
4 posts
3/14/2018 2:33 am

I can't help you in your decision. I personally like a Purdy either way.

thicknrealfun1 36M
14 posts
3/14/2018 2:58 am

let it go, but keep it trimmed.

cyclingfool 56M  
6096 posts
3/14/2018 3:13 am

I love smooth and shaved myself. I offer the same of me in return...

MaoriDawnsJawed 50M  
3 posts
3/14/2018 7:18 am

Variety is the spice of Life! Do what moves you at that moment....There's no right or wrong....You'll be very sexy either way! My preference varies....but always luv to be surprised!

I_willoralu 44M
1097 posts
3/14/2018 11:25 am

let it be a nice curly mess again. A woman with a nonshaved pussy is so hot

Abitchubby72 41M  
1 post
4/17/2018 12:09 am

i love a bush!!!! i love rubbing my cock on it and shooting cum on the pubes

here_in_dc63 50M  
5 posts
4/21/2018 8:43 pm

I do love a shaved pussy....but would love for you to grow it out so I could shave it for you.....and then eat you after shaving you......On the other hand, I also like a nice landing strip...I think it cums down to what makes you feel the sexiest. That is what makes it so hot for both of us!!

bsblover 45M  
1 post
4/27/2018 11:08 pm

I love a nice hairy bush. Maybe its from my earliest memories of seeing porn was 70's porn.

cjpassionateguy 69M  
2 posts
5/9/2018 6:11 am

Let it grow back, you seemed to love the feel of those curly hairs. Give it a shot!! Thanx for sharing your feelings!!(Y)

JimSpang 49M  
81 posts
6/25/2018 12:00 pm

You look delicious however, but if you enjoy the feel, let it grow a little. It wont keep anyone from wanting you any less!

wiley832 55M  
2 posts
6/26/2018 6:49 am

Let it grow back completely if that is your desire. You can always have a lover shave it off for you as part of foreplay if you get tired of having a full bush!!

MarriedGuy4Affai 51M  
29 posts
7/1/2018 5:08 am

Let it grow and just trim the sides to keep it from getting unruly ... love a full dark thick bush!

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