Elegance is not a crime  

cherharazard 40F  
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1/13/2018 7:58 am
Elegance is not a crime

when your an enchanted lady ~ hanging out with some people is just a complete ~ no no no ~

people do not like me because im not just British ~ im pleasently enchanted & sacredly British ~
My WitchCraft calender arrived on saturday the 13th ~ xx ~ so crafty eYe luv me~x

some thing really unfortunate happened ~
i was invited to a house gathering & obviously I dont da phucking know anyone ~
there was a {african looking man who arrived later ~ he instantly took a complete dislike to me ~
cool ~ "in my mind" thats an act of treason none the less ; emotionally allowing his infraction to pass ~ the evening ended with him announcing to everyone ~
"he dont like black woman like me&~

at that point ~
my mood went from politely discribing him as african }scientifically respectfully}~ to thinking ~
what a phucking * very horrible description of a person with a penis* like where did this phucking migrating looking soul destroyer stem from ~ about he doesnt like black ladies ~ dyam feisty
~ because &;eYe personally would like to think that all men not just the one man on the Planet GreatBritish Man ~ would find me lovely to converse with admire or get to know ~ I was livid to know that a man as dark as chocolate would not acknowledge a lovely lady when he saw one I was upset to know he had not one ounce of moral decorum none ~ nothing in his soul just pure dislike towards me an very beautfiul Proud Lady of the Land~ and the sad thing is ~ the ladies in the room ~ Miss leggings camel toe & co ~ i felt for them because thats the man they want & that is not the man I wish to even KNOW ever never in my life as off this day~ I just was so happy to know I could get away from such a man ~

I was really upset ~ I did show him a display of Crafty upsets &; how quick & easily in a blink of a scorned ladies eYe how much his unforgiveing black face would be my target to gaze the Greenest Fury towards ~ then the spirit of Bruce Lee came to me ~
"the Art of Fighting without Fighting"

when im kneeling before My King ~ worshipping his Phallic Justice ~
I will let him Know the Greastest Cock is the English Cock ~
there is only one Great Phallic Justice on Earth

"may the Universe feel my intention" & translate the Blessing"
The Greatest Cock is the English Cock & only his Great Phallic Justice shall rule

cherharazard 40F  
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1/13/2018 8:38 am

this is the land of Enchanted Grace where ladies wear lace ~ a Land where lust is not governed by race ~

This is England the enchanted Queendom ~ where mermaidens fairies & butterflies fly freely into the Lust they trust for a year & a day they fornicate & play

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